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Landlord Legal Assistance in Santa Cruz, CA

Prior to tenancy, we will provide landlords assistance by negotiating terms of and drafting the parties' lease agreement, ensuring you are adequately protected. Additionally, we offer to legal counsel to landlords on their various responsibilities under the law, this includes the strict regulations placed upon security deposits. Your property is protected by the lease as a legal contract of law and you are entitled to maintain the quality of your property on the eviction of occupants who have broken rules or left unpaid rent. You deserve expert legal representation and defense call the experts at Attorney's Eviction Services of Santa Cruz at 831-427-2114.
After tenancy, if you are in need of assistance with problem tenants, we can assist you with the process of eviction, along with all the requirements both before court action and after properly followed. We have the legal expertise and the litigation experience the full knowledge of court procedures and documentation specialists who will assist you in your defense to the full extent of the law. Don't try and take matters into your own hands call the legal experts today for a completely complimentary consultation by phone. At Attorney's Eviction Services, we understand time is essential for property owners and we will work with you to ensure the problem is alleviated as swiftly as possible under the law. Call us now for legal counsel at 831-427-2114.
Don't let your problems grow; call Attorney's Eviction Services of Santa Cruz, today. 831-427-2114